SportsTragic incident in Brazil: 25-year-old star player dies

Tragic incident in Brazil: 25‑year-old star player dies

In the photo: Adriano Bololo
In the photo: Adriano Bololo
Images source: © Instagram
2:32 PM EST, December 10, 2023

Adriano Bololo, adored for his performances in X1 Brazil, tragically lost his life in a car accident. Despite not being the driver, he was fatally injured at the scene when the car he was traveling in slammed into a roadside sign along the highway.

The game, X1 Brazil, holds substantial popularity in Brazil and is a variant of football much akin to futsal. The main difference is that contestations occur on specially prepared turf fields bordered with barriers.

Adriano Bololo, a luminary in this local game, was dramatically killed in a car crash. The accident occurred at speeds of nearly 81 miles per hour.

The horrific accident transpired on November 30th. The incident started making rounds on the internet only later. They were on a route in the city of Aracati in Ceara state when the accident happened. Bololo was traveling with his friends, headed towards a match. The mishap put three people in the hospital, but fortunately, none of their lives are in imminent danger.

A video from inside the car, posted online, shows the incredibly high speed they were traveling at. The friend who drove the vehicle can be seen dancing while driving at one point.

Reports suggest that they struck a road sign on the highway upon losing control of the vehicle. Local news outlets have made public photos of the entirely demolished car.

Bololo, having even represented the Brazilian national team, incidentally died at the crash site. His coach has since responded to the grievous news.

"He was a remarkable young man. Upon getting to know him well, I found out how much he did for his family. Using the money he earned from playing X1, he reinvested it; renovating his family home, buying a car and a motorcycle, aiding his siblings. He was an effervescent, virtuous individual," conveyed Coach Diego Gentil Tavares, as cited by "Globo".
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