NewsTragedy on the frontlines: the costly journey of the Russian volunteer

Tragedy on the frontlines: the costly journey of the Russian volunteer

The Russian wanted to go to the front. Now he's dead.
The Russian wanted to go to the front. Now he's dead.
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5:59 PM EST, November 20, 2023

The family of Stanislav Rybin sold their cow to purchase military boots and dispatch him to the Ukrainian battlefront. Rybin, who had joined the army with his father's support, died near Donetsk.

Stanislav Rybin was determined to go to the front. He intended to volunteer for the army, but his family was impoverished and could not afford to buy basic uniform elements, such as boots.

Despite his mother's objections as she tried to deter her son from enlisting in the Russian army, his father, a former sergeant, sold their family estate to support his son's journey to the battlefield.

In 2022, media reports surfaced about Stanislav Rybin's family who sold their last cow for 32,000 rubles (roughly $350) to purchase thermal clothing, a sleeping bag, and boots for their son. Only then could Rybin consider joining the army.

The Russian army does not provide basic supplies to its volunteers. They need to do so themselves.

The family lost a cow and a son

Rybin finally made it to the frontlines, took up arms for Russia, but his stint was short-lived. After a few months at the front, he was accused of desertion due to complaints about his superiors. His parents took out a loan to procure a lawyer.

The tale takes a tragic turn as the young soldier ultimately died during the campaign near Donetsk.

The family now faces the daunting task of taking out another loan to repatriate their son's body back to Russia. They cannot rely on the state for assistance.

We are solely responsible for all associated costs. The state merely provides the plane, narrate the grieving parents in a media interview.

The Rybin family is now devoid of both property and a son. Their decision, taken with good intentions, has proven to be profoundly regrettable.

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