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NewsTragedy in Mexico. Bus crash kills 18 pilgrims, injures dozens

Tragedy in Mexico. Bus crash kills 18 pilgrims, injures dozens

The pilgrimage to the Sanctuary in Chalma ended tragically. 18 people are dead, 32 are injured.
The pilgrimage to the Sanctuary in Chalma ended tragically. 18 people are dead, 32 are injured.
Images source: © Facebook, Wikipedia

12:37 PM EDT, April 30, 2024

On Sunday, April 28, in the suburbs of Mexico City, a tragic accident unfolded. A bus carrying pilgrims to the Chalma Sanctuary overturned, resulting in 18 fatalities and injuring over 30 individuals. This unfortunate event took place on the journey from San Luis de la Paz to the Christian sanctuary in Chalma, near the country's capital. The passengers were tragically pinned under the overturned vehicle.

According to journalists from De Ocho News, a tire blowout caused the bus to tip over and block the entire road.

In conflicting reports, local media state that the bus was transporting 42 individuals, yet the combined count of the injured and deceased totals 50. There has been no mention of any other vehicle involved in this mishap.

Tally of Victims and Injured

The accident claimed the lives of at least 18 people, with 32 more suffering injuries, as reported by Reuters Agency. It is heartbreaking to note that among the victims were children, the youngest being just two and five years old. The Mexico Department of Safety has confirmed that the injured were swiftly transported to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez of Guanajuato expressed his deep sorrow over the loss of residents in this accident. He ensured that full medical support and transportation to Guanajuato were arranged for the injured.

The Attorney General of Mexico, along with the police, promptly visited the scene to commence an investigation into the cause of this tragic occurrence.

A video capturing the aftermath of the accident has emerged on social media. Viewers are advised to approach cautiously as the content is graphic and suitable only for adults. The footage shows the bus lying on its side before emergency services arrived, with injured and deceased pilgrims scattered along the roadside. Despite the poor quality of the video, it graphically showcases the harrowing details of the catastrophe, including victims trapped under the bus amidst a visibly blood-streaked street.

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