EntertainmentTragedy in Knoxville: Husky attacks and kills six-week-old infant

Tragedy in Knoxville: Husky attacks and kills six‑week-old infant

The dog attacked the infant
The dog attacked the infant
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8:03 AM EDT, June 1, 2024

A dramatic incident occurred in Knoxville, Tennessee, where a husky dog suddenly attacked a six-week-old infant, leaving the parents in shock.

Ezra Mansoor was the first child of a young couple from Knoxville. Mark, 28, and Chloe, 25, welcomed their son on April 14, but their family happiness was short-lived. The boy's life ended tragically due to an attack by Mark's longtime companion, a husky.

The tragedy occurred while the infant was sleeping in his crib. The dog suddenly attacked the child without any provocation. Ezra was rushed to the hospital in critical condition with brain swelling and a hemorrhage. Doctors tried to save him, but he succumbed to his injuries after six days in intensive care.

Dog killed child

The dog belonged to Mark and had reportedly never shown signs of aggression. Mark posted a photo on social media, hugging the dog and calling it "the light of my heart." The grieving parents hope that their story will serve as a warning to others with small children and pets.

"You just think it would never happen to you. But it can happen to anyone, with any dog breed, no matter how long you've had the dog," said a devastated Chloe to WVLT TV station. She added, "Being his mom was the biggest honor and the best thing I've ever done."

Devastated parents after the death of their child

The boy's parents decided that Ezra would become an organ donor. Through this decision, Mark and Chloe hope to spare other families from suffering, potentially helping those in desperate need of life-saving transplants for their children.

This shocking story has circulated widely on American social media. The father of the deceased child updated his Facebook profile, sharing a photo of his son lying on a pillow.

Following the incident, the dog was taken to an animal shelter under quarantine. The Knox County Sheriff's Office is investigating the child's death.

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