NewsTragedy in California: 5-year-old fatally stabs his twin brother

Tragedy in California: 5‑year-old fatally stabs his twin brother

Tragedy in California. A 5-year-old stabbed his twin brother.
Tragedy in California. A 5-year-old stabbed his twin brother.
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7:50 PM EST, November 19, 2023

A playful session between two five-year-old twins took a shocking turn in California, USA, when one of the boys picked up a knife and stabbed his brother. Despite attempts to save him, the child tragically lost his life.

The devastating incident occurred in Santa Cruz County, California. "One of the twins got into an argument with his brother. Sadly, the boy picked up a small kitchen knife and stabbed his twin," reported Ashley Keehn from the sheriff's office.

The wounded child was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. However, despite the doctors' best efforts, they were unable to save his life.

Parents will not face charges

Following an investigation and witness interviews, the police found no negligence or irregularities with the parents' supervision. "This was simply a tragic accident," emphasized Keehn.

No charges will be leveled against the parents of the deceased child. "The swift response of the sheriff's office, finding no neglect from the caretakers, suggests this was an unforeseen, terrible accident," assessed former prosecutor Steven Clark.