LifestyleTourists wounded in shocking knife attack at Chinese park

Tourists wounded in shocking knife attack at Chinese park

Beishan Park in the city of Jilin in China
Beishan Park in the city of Jilin in China
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7:48 AM EDT, June 11, 2024

In Beishan Park in Jilin City, China, a knife attack took place. Videos have surfaced online showing tourists bleeding and writhing in pain.

The disturbing incident occurred on June 10 at Beishan Park, which attracts tens of thousands of tourists. This location is famous for its many hiking trails, the Temple of the Medicine King, and the Jade Emperor Pavilion.

Photos of the injured surface online

According to preliminary findings, four of the stabbed tourists are from the United Kingdom. In the videos shared online, one of the injured can be seen lying on his side, clutching a back wound with one hand while holding a phone with the other, trying to speak to someone.

Photos from the incident also appeared on the X portal, showing the bloody tourists. The victims quickly received the necessary help. Efficient medical personnel can be seen attending to the injured visitors. Nevertheless, the sight of blood-soaked clothes and red streaks on the ground can be chilling.

The attacker is still at large

One X user wrote in a post that the photos of the attacked tourists were so graphic that he refrained from sharing them. The incident sparked an online debate, with some voices suggesting that the incident in Beishan Park reflects a dangerous shift in Chinese society.

The knifeman has not yet been apprehended.

Source: freepressjournal, CNN

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