NewsTourists trapped in Yandang Mountain traffic jam

Tourists trapped in Yandang Mountain traffic jam

Tourists stuck over a cliff. Shocking recording
Tourists stuck over a cliff. Shocking recording
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10:19 AM EDT, May 7, 2024

A recent surge of tourists to the renowned Yandang Mountain in China caused an extraordinary scene: a traffic jam on the mountain's via Ferrata, leaving visitors dangling on a rope against a cliffside. This tense situation captured in a viral video has sparked widespread attention online.

Last weekend, coinciding with Labor Day, a national holiday on May 4th, scores of visitors converged on Yandang Mountain, located in eastern China, eager to explore its natural beauty.

The Via Ferrata, a path designed for climbing enthusiasts, became the scene of an unexpected bottleneck. Tourists, secured by ropes to the cliff, found themselves at a standstill, with some suspended for as long as an hour. Despite the precarious situation, no injuries were reported, and everyone involved was eventually able to continue their climb safely.

The organization managing this climbing route acknowledged their oversight in anticipating the day's visitor numbers. They also noted the lack of a ticket reservation system, which could regulate the flow of tourists and prevent such occurrences.

The video shocked the internet

A report from Shanghai Daily highlighted the situation, mentioning, "Despite the panic and screams from some distressed tourists; park staff were quick to assure that all necessary safety precautions were in place, including continuous monitoring and the presence of experienced coaches throughout the route."

Standing at 3,773 feet and situated approximately 249 miles from Shanghai, Yandang Mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its stunning natural landscapes.

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