LifestyleTourists touch down in Thai airport clad only in leopard print undies, sparking debate on cultural respect

Tourists touch down in Thai airport clad only in leopard print undies, sparking debate on cultural respect

The Phuket airport is famous for being very close to the beach.
The Phuket airport is famous for being very close to the beach.
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10:23 AM EST, January 31, 2024, updated: 4:35 AM EST, March 7, 2024

The Facebook group "Du Lic Thái Lan" is an accessible Vietnamese community focused on Thai tourism, wherein members exchange news, photos, and advice about Thailand. A particular post featured a photo of two tourists clad solely in briefs.

Underdressed tourists caught at the airport

"I have heard rumors about the beach-adjacent airport in Phuket. But this?" - reads a comment under the post. The local airport indeed sits quite close to the beach - a mere 1.9 miles apart. These two travelers seem to have either neglected to dress adequately or were in such haste that they didn't manage to dress properly.

According to the Thai portal "The Thaiger," these men are presumably tourists as no local would likely indulge in such behavior. Such an incident has sparked conversations about cultural respect and the suitability of such outfits in public.

Online users interpret the event as disrespecting local culture

This incident has ignited diverse reactions. Several users felt that this behavior exhibits a complete disrespect for the local culture, with strong words like "I feel nauseated at this sight," being voiced. Contrarily, some viewed the incident as trivial and not worth drawing much attention.

"Perhaps they were just on the beach, and their mom told them to rush home" - users joked. "It's Phuket. I don't fathom how anyone can still be surprised by this" - a comment under the posted photo reads.


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