US NewsTourists saved from brink in Southern California

Tourists saved from brink in Southern California

Trystów was found in the area known as Painted Canyon/ Illustrative photo
Trystów was found in the area known as Painted Canyon/ Illustrative photo
Images source: © Getty Images | David McNew

6:49 AM EDT, June 15, 2024

A pair of tourists who decided to hike in the desert in Southern California found themselves in a crisis. The temperature reached 105°F, and they ran out of water. Exhausted, they managed to call for help by dialing the emergency number at the last moment.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Office reported that the tourists had recklessly decided to journey into a remote, uninhabited desert area located south of Joshua Tree National Park.

After receiving the distress signal, a rescue helicopter crew initiated a search. They located the tourists in a region known as Painted Canyon. When found, the female tourist and her companion had taken shelter from the mercilessly scorching sunlight in a dry creek bed.

Rescuers, using ropes, lowered themselves from the helicopter and pulled the tourists on board. The woman, who was in critical condition, was immediately transported to the hospital. Her companion was in slightly better condition but required medical attention and hospitalization.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Office admitted that the two tourists were fortunate. If not for the swift intervention of the rescuers, they would have faced certain death. The office also warned that desert hikes at this time of year are extremely risky and can end tragically.

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