LifestyleTourists beware: Cycling with headphones in Spain could cost you $240

Tourists beware: Cycling with headphones in Spain could cost you $240

High fines threaten for listening to music while driving in Spain.
High fines threaten for listening to music while driving in Spain.
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9:04 AM EST, January 13, 2024

Akin to sightseeing, renting a bicycle, and pedaling around the resort is an appealing option for many tourists. However, it's important to remember not to use headphones while cycling, as this could result in substantial financial losses.

"Under the Spanish law updated in 2014, riding a bicycle while using headphones for music is banned," explained Lena Farnell from Cycle SOS, as quoted by "The Sun." "Cyclists caught with headphones can be fined 200 euros (around $240) in Spain," she further added.

Spain's ban on cycling with headphones

Strict regulations like these are intended to enhance safety. Listening to music while cycling can distract cyclists, preventing them from hearing other road sounds. It can also hinder cyclists' swift reaction to traffic changes, including the sirens of emergency vehicles.

Cyclists using headphones are also reported to be less aware of warning signals, like car horns or pedestrian shouts.

Before heading on a trip, it would be prudent to know the laws of the land. For instance, aside from Spain, France also prohibits listening to music while cycling. Violating these rules in France can attract a fine of 135 Euros (around $162).

In Italy and Portugal, cyclists are required to keep at least one ear free from earbuds.

Spain tightening rules for tourists

This year, Spain has rolled out even more stringent regulations, especially targeting tourists. In an attempt to subtly control the tourist traffic, local authorities on the Costa del Sol have issued directives against walking around naked or in merely underwear.

Beach-goers are also prohibited from carrying certain items on the beach. These include dolls and inflatable toys resembling private parts or of a sexual nature. Violators could face penalties up to 750 euros (about $900).

Club-goers risk facing a penalty of around 28,000 euros (over $33,000), if found participating in illegal parties in Ibiza and Majorca. Local authorities are cracking down on unlicensed parties in these areas.

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