NewsTourist rescued from quicksand in dramatic Maine beach incident

Tourist rescued from quicksand in dramatic Maine beach incident

The tourist felt the ground give way under her feet.
The tourist felt the ground give way under her feet.
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6:51 AM EDT, June 9, 2024

Scenes straight out of an Indiana Jones adventure movie unfolded on the eastern coast of our country. A tourist walking along Popham Beach in Maine suddenly felt the ground disappear beneath her feet. It became dangerous because the tide was coming in. It turns out this is yet another such incident in recent times.

A tourist caught in quicksand? Such scenes occur not only in Hollywood movies. Jamie Acord from the town of Poland, Maine, experienced this firsthand. It only took a few seconds for her to find herself in danger.

The tourist had gone to Popham Beach with her husband, a very popular tourist spot. According to, the woman felt the sand collapsing under her feet during the walk. She let out a cry of astonishment. As the sand engulfed her up to her hips, she told her husband, "I can't get out!"

I couldn't feel the bottom. I couldn’t find my footing," the tourist later recounted, as quoted by

Quicksand pulled the tourist in. Her husband saved her

Local media report that her husband reacted instantly and, within seconds, helped her escape the trap. The entire situation highly stressed both. The fact that the tide was coming in, and just after Jamie was freed, the hole filled with wet sand added drama to the situation.

According to the state park manager where Popham Beach is located, this is another such incident recorded on the beach this year. Tourists have sunk to their ankles, knees, or waist.

Jim Britt, a spokesperson for the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, tries to calm concerns, assuring that there is no reason to fear for your life because in a similar situation, "the reality with this supersaturated sand is you're not going to go under."

Although it's difficult, it's best to remain patient and composed. Frantic attempts to escape can have the opposite effect if you get stuck in quicksand.

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