LifestyleTourist gets a tattoo in Morocco, prompting Internet hilarity

Tourist gets a tattoo in Morocco, prompting Internet hilarity

The tourist got a tattoo in Morocco.
The tourist got a tattoo in Morocco.
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6:17 AM EST, December 8, 2023

A tourist from Sweden decided to let her hair down on a recent trip to Morocco. Influenced by newfound friendships formed at a local hostel, Caitlin decided to get a tattoo - an Arabic phrase. The meaning of the phrase has left netizens roaring with laughter.

Caitlin Delphine manages a popular TikTok account, documenting her solo, budget-friendly travels worldwide. While the videos she posts have gathered thousands of views, one video, in particular, has caught the internet's attention—it has been viewed over 1.6 million times so far.

She gets a tattoo in Morocco and the internet erupts in laughter

In the notable video, Caitlin recounts her unique tale. The Swedish traveler recently embarked on a spontaneous trip to Morocco. Spending several days in a hostel, she shared a room with two strangers.

During her stay, Caitlin grew fond of her "roommates". She even allowed them to convince her to get matching tattoos—a lifelong reminder of this unique encounter.

They all visited a tattoo parlor in Morocco, where each of them was inked with the same Arabic phrase. In a video that Caitlin shared online, she used Google Lens' translate function to reveal the meaning of the tattoo.

Unbelievably, the elegantly scripted Arabic phrase translates to... "mayonnaise". This revelation sparked laughter among netizens. Many found the tourists' misadventure hilarious, while some of them empathetically cringed. Numerous comments have since been posted under the video.

Always have a ready shopping list at hand.
I think I would die.
The guys should get tattoos of "ketchup" and "mustard".
I would never remove that tattoo; in fact, I would proudly show it off - comments internet users under the traveler's video.
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