NewsTornado wreaks havoc in Greenfield: Numerous fatalities reported

Tornado wreaks havoc in Greenfield: Numerous fatalities reported

Tornado in Greenfield
Tornado in Greenfield
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6:46 AM EDT, May 22, 2024

A powerful tornado swept through the small town of Greenfield, Iowa—the police report "numerous fatalities" and several injuries. The scale of destruction is enormous.

Police spokesperson Alex Dinkla, in an interview with the AP agency, described the extent of the devastation. He stated that the tornado "has devastated a good portion of this town and community."

The tornado, with great force, ripped roofs off buildings, toppled houses, and knocked down power poles. The storm observers' portal, Live Storm Media, published a video showing the destruction the tornado left. The recording shows homes destroyed to the point where they resemble mere ruins.

On the meteorological portal AccuWeather and social media, recordings have appeared showing broken wind turbine masts that were destroyed by the tornado.

Due to the warning of an approaching tornado, the airport in Des Moines, about 53 miles from Greenfield, suspended flights. "Passengers and staff were escorted to storm-safe parts of the terminal," reported the local newspaper, the Des Moines Register.

Tuesday's tornado warnings affected areas inhabited by more than 13 million people in Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin, reminded the newspaper "New York Times."

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