TechTop dual dash cams under $120 revealed for safer drives

Top dual dash cams under $120 revealed for safer drives

The dashcam will be helpful in determining fault.
The dashcam will be helpful in determining fault.
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9:32 AM EDT, June 4, 2024

Dash cams have become a common sight on American car dashboards. They frequently save drivers from trouble, as the recordings can serve as evidence in determining fault in the event of a collision or accident. In line with the saying "two heads are better than one," we present the most popular models equipped with two cameras. Each of them costs less than $120.

Buying a dash cam is not difficult if you focus on the right parameters. First, you need to consider the maximum recording resolution and the field of view of the camera. In both cases, the rule is that the more, the better. A wide-angle lens will more accurately capture the situation in front of or behind the car, and with high resolution, it will be easier to see important details. The gold standard here is Full HD, which is 1920x1080 pixels.

Additionally, features such as a GPS module, which will position the recording in time and space and record the vehicle's speed, as well as a Wi-Fi module allowing quick and easy playback of the recording without needing to retrieve the memory card from the recorder, will come in handy. Many devices also have a night mode function that adjusts the recording parameters to low light conditions.

Manufacturers increasingly offer sets consisting of two cameras, allowing you to record what is happening in front of and behind the car. This dual setup also makes parking easier. That's why we decided to check the three most popular tandems, each costing less than $120.

Cheapest in the lineup

The XBLITZ S3 Duo set is the cheapest contender in our ranking, which is reflected in the front camera's resolution of 1080x720 pixels. There is also no wireless communication module, so a memory card reader is necessary. The viewing angle is 140 degrees. The device offers a night mode, and the motion detection feature allows the camera to start automatically when someone moves in front of the car. The rear camera can be activated by putting the car in reverse, and the image is displayed on an LCD screen with a resolution of 2.4 inches.

Protection for your wallet

The NAVITEL MR450 GPS dash cam has a main camera with a 160-degree viewing angle and records in Full HD resolution. It is equipped with Wi-Fi and GPS modules. Additionally, it is designed as a rearview mirror and has many interesting features. It shows speed, as well as information about speed cameras and bus lanes. The G-sensor detects a collision or other sudden event and secures the recorded material from being overwritten. The rear camera has a 100-degree viewing angle and is mounted on the rear window using 3M tape.

Smart choice

The last suggestion is the XBLITZ S10 Duo with a front camera that has a 150-degree viewing angle and a rear camera with a 120-degree viewing angle. The main camera records videos in Full HD resolution, and the image is displayed on a 2.4-inch LCD screen. Smart solutions include a magnetic connector that allows easy mounting and dismounting of the device, and in reversing camera mode, guide lines are shown. The G-sensor function will automatically secure the video file in the event of a traffic incident. The Sony Starvis sensor ensures high-quality night recordings. Files can be viewed on the display screen or by connecting the camera to a computer via a mini USB cable.

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