FoodTomato and cottage cheese myths debunked by diet expert

Tomato and cottage cheese myths debunked by diet expert

Is cottage cheese and tomato a toxic combination?
Is cottage cheese and tomato a toxic combination?
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7:03 AM EDT, July 9, 2024

This theory strikes many of us with a powerful bang. Combining tomatoes and cottage cheese is allegedly a serious mistake with significant consequences. Does this mean we need to exclude our favorite breakfast from our diet? See what the expert has to say on this matter.

Many of us have already fallen for the idea that combining two seemingly innocent vegetables —cucumber and tomato— is a rather "average" idea than an "outstanding" one. Of course, framing it in a way that this duo hidden in one salad gives it some toxic properties is an exaggeration or just a plain food myth. However, it cannot be denied that these vegetables do not interact positively with each other, and the influence of one on the other makes our salad significantly poorer in terms of health-promoting properties.

Does combining cottage cheese with tomatoes work the same way? Is a sandwich with cottage cheese and a slice of red vegetables a toxic breakfast? Or maybe just bland? What is the point of one product reacting to another? These questions did not come out of nowhere, as the thesis about this supposedly harmful combination appears on the internet from time to time. Below, we explain what this is all about.

Tomato and cheese. Harmful combination?

According to this thesis, combining tomatoes and cottage cheese causes insoluble mineral salt crystals to form. This is supposed to burden our joints, where the mentioned particles are supposed to deposit and lead to troublesome pains and inflammations. Does this make sense? MSc Aleksandra Cichocka, a Department of Diet-Related Disease Prevention specialist in Warsaw, answered this question. In "Practical Medicine" magazine, she addressed this in the following way:

In scientific publications regarding diet in joint diseases, I have not encountered a recommendation to avoid combining tomatoes and cottage cheese in a dish. You can find this opinion on the internet, but not in scientific literature.
Tomato and cheese. The expert explains whether this combination is harmful.
Tomato and cheese. The expert explains whether this combination is harmful.© Canva | lenazap

The specialist added that the theory about the harmful combination of cottage cheese and tomatoes is another food myth that should not be considered. However, she noted that people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis have to follow certain dietary restrictions, which sometimes include tomatoes (and other nightshade vegetables). Fortunately, this has nothing to do with the supposedly toxic effect of tomatoes on cottage cheese. What a relief!

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