EntertainmentTom Cruise enters love chapter with Russian Socialite, Elsina Khairullina: A romance under spotlight

Tom Cruise enters love chapter with Russian Socialite, Elsina Khairullina: A romance under spotlight

The "Mission Impossible" star is in love with a Russian heiress.
The "Mission Impossible" star is in love with a Russian heiress.
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6:38 AM EST, February 14, 2024

Tom Cruise has a substantial history of past relationships. In the 1980s, he was involved with Diane Cox (1980–1981), Melissa Gilbert (1982), Heather Locklear (briefly in 1982), Rebecca De Mornay (1983–1985), Patti Scialfa (1985), and Cher (1985–1986). In January 1986, he began dating actress Mimi Rogers, marrying her a year later. However, their marriage ended in less than three years.

His second marriage was more widely publicized. He met Nicole Kidman in 1990 on the set of "Days of Thunder". They married the same year and were together for 11 years. After a brief relationship with Penelope Cruz, he decided to tie the knot once more. This time with Katie Holmes, but this marriage, too, ended within six years (from 2006 to 2012). It now remains to be seen whether the actor's latest love interest will hold his heart for a longer duration.

Tom Cruise in love again: Who's the lucky lady?

According to a report by the Daily Mail that quotes an anonymous source, the "Mission: Impossible" series star is currently in a relationship with a Russian woman named Elsina Khairullina, who is 36 years old. Elsina, a well-known socialite, regularly shares glimpses of her extravagant lifestyle on her Instagram profile, followed by just under 17,000 people.

Elsina, a former model and the daughter of a politician, separated from Dmitry Chechkin, a Russian oligarch involved in the diamond trade, in 2022. The couple has a daughter together. She is a property owner with assets including a residence in Surrey valued at 22 million pounds (over $28 million) and additional properties in London, Dubai, and Cyprus. During her divorce, her ex-husband accused her of concealing assets, including a handbag collection worth 1 million pounds (over $1.3 million).

In December of the previous year, Chechkin revealed that his three-year legal battle with his ex-wife had drained him of $150 million. Speaking of Elsina Khairullina, he reportedly stated, "Whoever she's with – be it Tom Cruise or anyone else – they should be aware that she has a penchant for the finer things in life and has expensive taste. Tom should keep a vigilant eye and wallet –" words quoted by "PageSix". Despite everything, he expressed goodwill toward his ex-wife saying, "I'm happy for her, I wish her all the best."

The start of Tom Cruise's new relationship: He's frequently at his lover's apartment

Reportedly, Cruise has been visiting Khairullina's apartment in London quite frequently in recent times. The couple made their first public appearance together at a formal party in Mayfair, where they seemed quite besotted with each other. They also attended an event organized by the Air Ambulance charity, with Cruise even posing for photographs with Prince William. However, they arrived separately at the event.

"In Elsina's circle, it's common knowledge that she and Tom are now together. Over the last few weeks, they've grown very close, but they're cautious about being photographed together as they seek to maintain their privacy," notes an anonymous source.

"Tom has been spending a lot of time at Elsina's beautiful apartment. Despite their wealth, they enjoy doing regular things that other couples do, like walks in Hyde Park," the unidentified source added. Khairullina resides near Buckingham Palace, in the luxurious Knightsbridge district, in her multi-million dollar apartment, which the couple is keen on keeping private.

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