Lifestyle"Tiramisu hair": Discover the hit coloration trend for winter 2023/2024

"Tiramisu hair": Discover the hit coloration trend for winter 2023/2024

Khloe Kardashian launches "tiramisu hair"
Khloe Kardashian launches "tiramisu hair"
Images source: © Instagram, khloekardashian

8:26 AM EST, December 8, 2023

Whether it's "expensive blond", "teddy bear blond", or perhaps "cherry red hair", there's a myriad of fashionable coloration options for winter 2023/2024. Among these is the aptly named "tiramisu hair" trend, inspired by the Italian dessert. The concept comprises three distinct shades blended harmoniously to create a stunning look.

Are you on the hunt for a winter hair coloration that will look stunning at holiday gatherings, and also stand the test of time? We have an ideal solution for you: the "tiramisu hair" trend, which has gained considerable popularity in Hollywood.

The main advantage of this hairstyle is its ability to effectively blend regrowth, eliminating the need for frequent and costly visits to the hairdresser. The "tiramisu" style is inspired by the beloved Italian dessert. Want to see how it looks? Take a gander at the color sported by Khloé Kardashian herself.

Three shades of "tiramisu hair"

What should you expect when you request "tiramisu hair" at a salon? The coloration is dominated by three smoothly blended shades. These include a coffee or cocoa shade of brown, biscuit blond, and a light, cream-like color reminiscent of a mascarpone and egg-based dessert. As a rule, the darkest shade is applied to the scalp, and the lightest at the ends.

Fashionable hair inspired by a sweet dessert

Depending on your complexion, you can opt for a warmer or cooler color palette. Warmer shades are suited to those with an olive complexion, while cooler tones will flatter those with alabaster skin featuring standout rose tones. For those bored with monotone coloration, the "tiramisu hair" trend is a breath of fresh air, offering a voluminous three-dimensional effect.

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