LifestyleTime to plant your pansies: Everything you need to know for thriving flowers

Time to plant your pansies: Everything you need to know for thriving flowers

This is the last call for planting pansies.
This is the last call for planting pansies.
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9:22 PM EST, February 7, 2024

Pansies are flowers that symbolize longing, care, and thoughtfulness towards a specific individual. They also represent friendship and commitment. However, it isn't just their symbolism, but their aesthetics that lead people to grow pansies on their balconies or in gardens. Available in various unexpected colors and unique patterns, pansies are a true delight for any balcony decoration.

What is the optimal time to plant pansies?

The ideal time to plant pansies is early spring, precisely between late March and early April. Pansy seedlings are readily available at this time in garden shops, and even in large markets. If you'd rather cultivate your own, the expense of pansy seeds isn't hefty, and like seedlings, you can find them at garden shops or purchase them online. The best time to sow them is at the end of June and the start of July. Pansies are biennial plants, meaning they bloom for two consecutive seasons.

What should one know about planting pansies?

Though you can plant pansies in individual pots, they are the most striking when planted in large flowerbeds and balcony boxes. Before planting, the base of the chosen pot or box should be lined with drainage material, such as pebbles. This safeguards the flower's root system. In terms of soil, pansies aren't picky. To thrive, they need soil with constant moisture levels and a neutral or slightly acidic pH.

The soil should be consistently damp, but never waterlogged as this can kill the pansies. There isn't a definite rule for how often pansies should be watered, as it largely depends on the weather conditions. During warmer weather, it may need to be watered more frequently, with less needed when it's colder. To determine the watering frequency, it's best to check the soil moisture level by touch. Pansies do not thrive under direct sun exposure and prefer locations with mild, slightly dimmed light.

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