TechTime is running out. Scientists call for immediate action

Time is running out. Scientists call for immediate action

In the event of a climate disaster, five countries may survive.
In the event of a climate disaster, five countries may survive.
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10:26 AM EDT, October 31, 2023

According to thousands of scientists, time is running out before a global catastrophe occurs. By the end of this century, humanity could reach a critical juncture. An existential threat in the form of a global catastrophe could occur before 2100.

More than 15,000 scientists from 161 countries have endorsed an article published in "BioScience," which sounds an alarm about the potential collapse of life on Earth.

"Life on this planet is under siege," asserts the Futurism portal, which referred to the aforementioned journal. Humanity is speeding towards environmental collapse, and time for making positive changes is quickly diminishing.

"Time is Up," scientists warn

The article, endorsed by thousands of scientists, leaves no room for debate. Warnings about the Earth's uncertain future due to escalating extreme weather conditions have been circulating for decades. "Unfortunately, time is up," caution the scientists in their journal.

Study co-author Christopher Wolf from Oregon State University, has highlighted several strategies that could reduce humanity's impact on the planet. However, if not swiftly implemented, the Earth's natural systems could collapse.

If humanity continues to take more from the Earth than it can sustainably give, we are well on our way to a possible collapse of natural and socio-economic systems. This includes a world with intolerable heat and shortages of food and fresh water - Wolf states.

Scientists recently examined climate trends. They concluded that numerous climate records were shattered in 2023. This included unprecedented wildfires in Canada, which they considered "a tipping point into a new fire regime".

William Ripple, another study co-author, argues that 2023 displayed "deeply alarming patterns" related to the trajectory of the world's climate, due to human activities.

Humanity's battle against climate change has seen little advancement - Ripple warns.

Scientists are unanimously calling for immediate action. Humanity needs to recognize the climate crisis as a genuine existential danger. The scholars opine that inaction will trigger a global catastrophe that may unfold even before the end of the 21st century, or before 2100.

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