Tips&TricksTikTok's viral trick to secure bags on spring coats

TikTok's viral trick to secure bags on spring coats

The woman is taking a picture.
The woman is taking a picture.
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1:56 PM EST, February 17, 2024

With the temperature progressively rising, we're fast approaching the season of wearing lighter jackets and coats. Almost every woman can relate to the inconvenience of a bag worn on the shoulder slipping and falling off a coat, necessitating constant adjustments. Thanks to shoulder straps on coats, you can say goodbye to constantly adjusting your bag.

How to optimize a spring coat?

Picking a coat tailored to complement your body contour is no easy feat, with many struggling to find the ideal match. Many designs, particularly vintage or second-hand ones, incorporate shoulder straps into their design - a feature often deemed purely ornamental. Contrarily, TikTok is a treasure trove of ingenious tricks, proving that these shoulder straps can be functional. Let's apply this insight to women's coats that come equipped with shoulder straps.

Contrary to the belief that forefront fashion houses or designers conceptualized the idea of shoulder straps on coats, their origin can be traced back to military apparel. Over time, shoulder straps were used to support sashes and belts of soldiers. Today, very few people remember or utilize this feature in everyday wear. A TikToker named @theboldbudget has suggested an incredibly simple yet effective way to use shoulder straps on a classic coat.

The emerging TikTok trend of coats with shoulder straps

Equipping your spring coat with shoulder straps can be an effective way to secure your bag and prevent it from slipping off. Simply unbutton the strap, place your bag on your shoulder and fasten the strap again. This method not only makes carrying your bag comfortable, but also deters potential thieves. With so many people raving about this technique, it's unsurprising that it has gone viral. While some lament the absence of this feature in the latest collections, others are reviving old coats from their mother's or grandmother's wardrobes.

Fashion trends often come full circle, and the revitalization of utilising shoulder straps on coats might just mark their resurgence. This budding TikTok trend is likely to become a hot trend in the upcoming spring season. But will its popularity continue to soar in the long run? The answer rests with this trick's enthusiasts, who have openly expressed their delight over the influencer's tip.

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