LifestyleTikToker's shock as 7 euro Naples 'minipanini' turns out to be bite-sized snack

TikToker's shock as 7 euro Naples 'minipanini' turns out to be bite-sized snack

The TikToker shared her story from Naples.
The TikToker shared her story from Naples.
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7:54 PM EST, January 22, 2024

Emily McDonald, the TikToker from Canada, travelled to Europe for vacation and among other places, visited Naples. In Italy, she bought a takeaway snack from a pizzeria. Her disbelief was evident when she opened the box to reveal the snack.

Naples: Paying 7 euros for a sandwich the size of a cookie

She posted a brief video on her account showing both the snack and its receipt. "You need to see what I received for 7 euros (approximately $8.40) in Naples", she initiated the video, addressing her followers.

She shared that she ordered a 'minipanini' from the menu and expected a small sandwich. The item description promised it would include cheese, green olives, and carrots.

Upon opening the box, a "bite-sized sandwich" greeted her. "This is just unbelievable, I can finish it in one bite. Naples, pull yourself together," she lamented. She also displayed the receipt for the snack, underscoring that it indeed cost 7 euros.

The video elicited an influx of comments from her followers. They expressed their shared shock, "I am stunned. Especially knowing how inexpensive food is in Naples", "Naples food is very affordable, you can get a large pizza for 7 euro at the best restaurants. It looks like someone tried to exploit you," commented one follower.

"I anticipated a lot, but not something like this. It's like a 'macaron' (a kind of biscuit) with a carrot inside," lamented another internet user.

Undeterred, the Canadian traveler returned to the pizzeria to inquire if perhaps there had been an error. Initially, the waiting staff were indifferent, but eventually, they agreed to exchange her carrot "macaron" for a properly sized sandwich.

The two videos combined garnered over 1 million views (the first video received 350,000 views, while the second chalked up more than 700,000 views).

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