LifestyleTikToker's hair-raising dive: 8-hour salon rescue following extension disaster

TikToker's hair-raising dive: 8‑hour salon rescue following extension disaster

Diving nightmare. This is what was left of her extensions.
Diving nightmare. This is what was left of her extensions.
Images source: © Pixabay(photo by nutraveller), TikTok

8:55 PM EST, January 10, 2024

The 23-year-old shared a shocking video on her TikTok account (@julia.fhst). This video sequentially illustrates the series of events that transformed her hairstyle into a real nightmare. Undoubtedly, Julia will remember this sight for the rest of her life. Her misadventure was spawned by the unfortunate decision of diving with hair extensions.

The video initiates with images of a joyful 23-year-old with beautiful, loose, long blonde hair. Subsequent slides capture her hairstyle before and after submerging into the water in which she went diving. Regrettably, her perfect locks metamorphosed into a challenging tangle!

Diving with hair extensions: A real nightmare

For Julia, it was a genuine predicament. She mentions that it took three people and eight grueling hours to untangle her wrecked hairstyle. Despite their efforts, it was impossible to save all the attached hair, resulting in some being cut off. Currently, the TikToker's hairstyle necessitates special care and leaves much to be desired.

"Some of the extensions had to be cut... I learned my lesson," the crestfallen TikToker captioned the video.

Julia's video elicited diverse reactions from her followers. While some sympathized with the 23-year-old, others confessed to having endured a similar debacle with hair extensions on their vacations. A few users bluntly implied that the procedure of attaching the extensions was certainly done incorrectly.

A flurry of comments follow TikToker's video

Julia recorded and shared her video with hopes of warning others about the perils of diving with hair extensions, in an effort to prevent them from repeating her mistake. Here are a few comments from users following her video on TikTok:

"I sympathize. I had a similar experience with poor-quality extensions."
"Natural hair is the best, even if it's not the thickest or longest."
"I've been extending hair for 15 years. Not one of my clients on vacation with extensions have experienced this."
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