EntertainmentTikToker promotes 'Braless Movement', combats discomfort and societal norms

TikToker promotes 'Braless Movement', combats discomfort and societal norms

She has an F cup and boycotts wearing a bra. She believes she can change the world.
She has an F cup and boycotts wearing a bra. She believes she can change the world.
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11:03 AM EST, February 13, 2024

I would argue that solely people with breasts (or perhaps drag queens?) understand what's implicated in wearing a bra for several hours a day. Of course, each experience is distinct. Breasts differ in aspects like size, shape, and spacing. The key to comfort is finding a good, comfortable bra. However, this doesn't always suffice, and bra fitting services are not the most affordable. It's also worth noting that even the best-quality bra can become tiring after being worn all day.

Moreover, large breasts can lead to various types of discomfort and ailments. Most notably, they can cause postural issues, leading to a hunchback condition, which subsequently results in spinal degeneration. Excessively large breasts can also hinder routine activities, and in the summer, they might cause excessive sweating and result in chafing and abrasions in the chest area.

Bra-less: She embraced the "full swing" mode

TikToker Amina has completely given up wearing bras. She typically wears a DD to F cup size and decided that she doesn't need "support for her chest." She uploaded a video in which she jovially discusses her decision to stop wearing uncomfortable bras.

She has an F cup and boycotts wearing a bra. She believes she can change the world.
She has an F cup and boycotts wearing a bra. She believes she can change the world.© TikTok

She affirms that "even in the workspace of larger women" she doesn't intend to grapple with the dreaded garment. Her decision to adopt the "full swing mode" isn't a bother to her. Amina noted that she's studying law and looked into various guidelines to affirm that appearing in public without a bra wouldn't invite any unpleasant consequences. There have been scenarios that suggest otherwise. For instance, a DJ almost got ejected from an airplane for not wearing a bra.

Amina - the face of the "Braless Movement"

The video in which Amina energetically dances to a Billy Joel song, celebrating her freedom from bras, currently boasts almost 170,000 views and features more than 400 comments. The views of Internet users are diverse. Some commend Amina, proclaiming her as the icon of the "Braless Movement".

"I love your mindset. Together we can normalize this" - one commenter declared. "This is the best thing that happened during the quarantine. I stopped wearing bras and I'm not looking back," added another woman. "I haven't worn a bra for about five years and have no plans to wear one again" - agreed another.

Nonetheless, not everyone shares this enthusiastic approach to abandoning bras. Another TikTok user highlighted potential perceptions of it being unprofessional.

Another person mentioned a dress code at their workplace, which even prescribes the type of underwear to be worn. However, there appears to be more support for the "Braless Movement". A smart, elegant outfit doesn't necessarily mean wearing uncomfortable items that cause discomfort. This holds true, even in the "workspace of larger women".

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