EntertainmentTikToker promotes body positivity by wearing size XXXXXXL. "Attractiveness does not depend on size"

TikToker promotes body positivity by wearing size XXXXXXL. "Attractiveness does not depend on size"

The TikToker promotes the body positive movement.
The TikToker promotes the body positive movement.
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7:42 AM EST, December 5, 2023

As a plus-size woman, Jaelynn is making a powerful statement on body positivity. She wears size XXXXXXL clothing and utilizes the TikTok platform to promote the attractiveness of fuller body shapes. Her recent video featuring her in a daring leather dress stirred a buzz on the internet.

This news has been covered by British tabloid The Sun. Jaelynn, who also goes by the name Plus Size Travel, has garnered a following of 133,000 users on TikTok.

Through her channel, Jaelynn aims to challenge weight discrimination. Her videos have gained immense popularity among social media users.

Advocating for better travel comfort on planes for plus-size people

Jaelynn initially gained attention when she vocalized the discomfort overweight people face during air travel due to inadequate seating space.

She initiated a petition to appeal to the Federal Aviation Administration, a governmental aviation agency, asking them to provide plus-size travelers with additional space in airplanes free of charge. She proposed that bigger-bodied passengers should receive extra seating without any additional cost.

It's a fact that plus-sized individuals need more space, and many people agree that plane seats are too small, she declared in one of her videos.

Rocking a tight leather dress to promote plus-size figures

The TikToker recently triggered emotional responses from her followers with her latest video. In it, she dons a tight, black leather dress to showcase her confidence in her sexiness, independent of clothing size.

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