LifestyleTikToker Grace Kohl's raw account of recovery from breast augmentation surgery

TikToker Grace Kohl's raw account of recovery from breast augmentation surgery

The TikToker shared about the ailments she faced after breast surgery.
The TikToker shared about the ailments she faced after breast surgery.
Images source: © TikTok | gracekohl

11:22 AM EST, February 13, 2024

Every year, countless women opt for breast augmentation procedures. Counted among them is Grace Kohl, who resides in the UK, and curates a TikTok account @gracekohl, where she shares beauty tips. She recently posted a video where she minutely details her life post the breast enlargement procedure, including aspects not often discussed openly.

An honest account of recuperation post breast augmentation

As Grace describes, the breasts initially feel quite hard and do not resemble what one might anticipate. "If you're planning a vacation and you're thinking 'I'll just have a breast operation a month before', don't. You need to give yourself a few months", she advises in the video. She further reveals that even four months after the operation, her breasts have not softened completely.

Grace vividly remembers suffering from a painful rash around her nipples, forcing her to abstain from wearing a bra for some time. She emphasizes that anyone considering the procedure must understand that they will need assistance, especially initially. Movements were so restricted that going to the bathroom or washing became challenging tasks for Grace.

"The first week was almost a complete write-off. It wasn't that I was in pain... I just seemed paralyzed from head to toe", she recounts. Moreover, Grace suffered from insomnia, leading to severe migraines. She also had to deal with bruising and swelling in the early stages. Despite the health struggles, Grace remains supportive of the procedure.

Varied experiences

The video garnered several responses, with some followers sharing their experiences of the procedure, some of which echoed Grace's account.

One woman wrote, "I couldn't even go to the bathroom, moving my arms hurt", while another relayed watching the video in her car just five days post-surgery and Grace acknowledging her good fortune.

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