LifestyleTikToker, Dr. Katie, reveals alarming discovery inside rubber toys: mold, water, and dirt

TikToker, Dr. Katie, reveals alarming discovery inside rubber toys: mold, water, and dirt

Dr Katie checks rubber toys
Dr Katie checks rubber toys
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3:08 PM EST, February 7, 2024, updated: 4:01 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Are rubber toys safe? Most of them lack any warnings on their packaging, even for toys intended for very young children. Regardless, many parents do not endorse such products. This belief is precisely what Dr. Katie, a renowned TikToker, sought to challenge. Regrettably, the sight of her daughter's favorite giraffe toy cut open startled her deeply.

The doctor's warning about rubber toys

Who would have guessed that toys manufactured for infants could hide such alarming secrets? Dr. Katie, a TikToker and medical professional, unearthed these secrets. She decided to slice open one of her daughter's favorite toys. She candidly admits in her video that her little girl had played with it for many months, frequently putting it in her mouth to soothe teething discomfort.

After hearing polarizing opinions about rubber toys, Dr. Katie decided to uncover what was tucked away inside her daughter's beloved giraffe toy. After cutting into the rubber object with scissors, her discovery left her feeling nauseous.

It was filled with mold, water, and dirt. Dr. Katie confessed that after this shock, she discarded not only all the similar toys but also the scissors used to cut open the toy.

What should you consider when purchasing toys for children?

Are rubber toys the greatest danger posed to children? The answer might not necessarily be in the affirmative. When selecting suitable products, it's important to ensure that the chosen model does not have any crevices where dirt could gather. It is also prudent to examine if there are no damages after each usage that could allow water or dirt to seep in. Additional caution is advisable for bath time toys given to children.

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