LifestyleTikToker 'Corporate Natalie' ignites controversy criticizing Gen Z work habits on 'Demoted' podcast

TikToker 'Corporate Natalie' ignites controversy criticizing Gen Z work habits on 'Demoted' podcast

The TikToker apologized for her words.
The TikToker apologized for her words.
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3:31 PM EST, January 31, 2024

Gen Z is often subject to various stereotypes. Many employers harbor negative perceptions of them. An incident that exemplifies this was brought to the fore in a podcast named "Demoted". In it, TikToker "Corporate Natalie" read out a derisive letter penned by an employer, with another TikToker, "Corporate Bro", hosting the show.

Uproar sparked by the podcast's broadcast

The author complained about a Gen Z employee who declined to attend an 8 am meeting due to a pre-scheduled gym session. "You are in the infancy of your career. Why should your workouts dictate your schedule? A workout at 8:00 am is inordinately late. It would be best if you aimed for 6:00 or maybe 7:00," commented Natalie on the mentioned behavior.

The co-host of the podcast initially suspected some jest behind this absurd situation. However, the video incited many negative responses, with some users posting explanatory videos about why they would refuse such a demand.

Video deletion and further clarification

In the face of mounting criticism, Natalie opted to remove the video. However, she responded to a remix by Alexandre Evidente, who staged a hypothetical response to a boss's fury, "During the interview, it was explicitly mentioned that the working hours for this position are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm," he explained. He added that he would have managed to attend with a week's notice. "If I were to skip the gym, when can I expect reimbursement for the sessions? And will you compensate me for working from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, or allow me to leave at 4:00 pm instead?" he challenged.

Natalie addressed Alexandre's points and explained to her followers that it wasn’t her personal story but one she had merely recited. Additionally, she empathized with Alexandre's arguments, "Indeed, you shouldn't be expected to work without commensurate compensation," she conceded. "There's no need to start early if your shift begins at 9:00," she clarified.

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