FoodTikToker busts bread storage myths. Forget breadboxes, microwaves keep it fresh for weeks

TikToker busts bread storage myths. Forget breadboxes, microwaves keep it fresh for weeks

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9:21 AM EST, December 15, 2023

How can we store bread so that it stays fresh for longer? This is a question many of us have asked. After purchasing, we enjoy the crusty bread, but by the next day, it often loses its optimal properties, becoming soft and rubbery. Even the best breadbox can't always prevent this. So, what can be done? A particular TikTok user has landed on a surprising solution.

TikTok user's surprising advice: a place better than a breadbox for storing bread

Sammar, a TikTok user known for her eclectic range of videos, has found a method that has since been viewed by 1.9 million people. She may surprise you with how she stores bread. Her method purports to keep bread fresh for up to three weeks. Interestingly, she doesn't store her bread in a breadbox, but rather... in a microwave.

According to Sammar, "The microwave oven is like the best breadbox; it extends the freshness of the bread by half." She recalled in her video that people have called her crazy for this method. However, she has no intention of changing her ways, as she genuinely believes in its efficacy.

Netizens have varied opinions about this storage method. While some people have started implementing it, others admit they prefer storing their bread in a refrigerator or freezer. There were also comments expressing surprise:

"Why don't you just buy a breadbox?"
"I do this because my cat can eat bread even through the package," one user shared.
"My parents do this and I hate it because if you heat something up in the microwave and don't let it cool down before you put the bread in, the loaf molds faster," another user wrote.
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