NewsTikTok user's optical illusion revealing personality traits goes viral

TikTok user's optical illusion revealing personality traits goes viral

What do you see in the picture?
What do you see in the picture?
Images source: © TikTok | @MiaYilin

11:31 PM EST, January 14, 2024

The British tabloid, The Sun, is currently reporting on this occurrence. Mia Yilin has nurtured a keen interest in optical illusions for quite some time.

This interest is evident in the content she posts on her TikTok handle, @mia_yilin, where she frequently posts videos related to the subject.

Mia's engaging content has earned her more than 450 thousand followers, which continues to grow daily.

She shared an optical illusion. Is it a woman's profile or a rooster's head?

Mia presented another illusion in her latest video, a graphic with two potential interpretations. The key lies in what you observe first. Did you spot the purple profile of a woman's face, complete with vivid red lips? What might that signify?

If you noticed the woman first, this suggests that you are a humble individual who doesn't crave attention. You prefer privacy in your affairs, as explained by Mia.

Mia further clarified that this interpretation could also indicate you are quite persistent. You dislike showing vulnerability and prefer sticking to your daily routine instead of venturing into the unknown. However, you possess commendable bravery.

What if you first noticed the white rooster head complete with a red beak? Mia posited that this could mean you feel restless with your status quo.

This restlessness could be a reflection of your constant brainstorming for ways to enhance your life and achieve notable success, as Mia further explained.

Mia also stressed that if you catalogued the rooster first, romantic relationships might not be priority for you. Instead, your focus is likely on other areas. You typically prefer associating yourself with accomplished people, as it allows you to learn new skills from them.

The video has garnered significant attention. It's been viewed over 344 thousand times and has received numerous comments from the audience.

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