LifestyleTikTok user's optical illusion promises to reveal your hidden personality traits

TikTok user's optical illusion promises to reveal your hidden personality traits

What do you see first in this drawing?
What do you see first in this drawing?
Images source: © TikTok
6:39 PM EST, January 19, 2024

Optical illusions often provide insights into our personality, character traits or hidden desires. Simply opting for an intuitive response could disclose aspects of our selves and sometimes, what we keep hidden from the world.

TikTok user presents a test where an image must be chosen

An interesting optical illusion that doubles as a test was posted on her TikTok profile by user, Mia Yilin. "The initial thing you notice in this image could reveal extensive details about your personality," the woman confidently claimed in the caption accompanying the video.

However, it's a good idea to approach these types of tests with a sense of humor and skepticism, considering them simply as entertaining tidbits.

What do you first observe in the image? The personality test uncovers the truth

What was the first thing you noticed in the illustration shown in the video? If your first sight was the raven, it suggests you tend to be quite judgmental. Despite acknowledging and disliking this trait in yourself, you find it hard to stop forming severe judgment about those you interact with. However, it also suggests a very strong intuitive ability, and often your hunches and suspicions prove to be accurate.

If the first thing you noticed was the face in the sketch, it points towards a self-critical nature. This self-criticism acts as a defense mechanism, as fear of rejection or dislike by others leads you to be self-critical first. It's vital to stop these critical thoughts from preventing you from becoming who you truly wish to be.

The comments section of the short video was flooded with agreement. "I saw the face first, and it’s all true. My friend told me that what he doesn't like about me is my fear of everything," wrote one user. Another countered, "You're brilliant at this... which is worrying."

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