EntertainmentTikTok under fire. Is the platform misleading parents about children's safety?

TikTok under fire. Is the platform misleading parents about children's safety?

TikTok sued by USA
TikTok sued by USA
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5:26 PM EST, January 18, 2024

TikTok is a widely used social media platform allowing users across all ages to create, share, and view short videos. It's a space for unleashing creativity, discovering trends, sharing educational material, comedic sketches, and lifestyle content, and transcending age barriers.

TikTok vs. the United States?

On Wednesday, January 17th, Iowa's attorney general, Brenna Bird, initiated a lawsuit in Polk County District Court against TikTok and its parent Chinese company, ByteDance. The allegation is that the platform has been deceptive to parents concerning their children's exposure to improper content, including drugs, nudity, alcohol, and obscenities.

Iowa is calling for financial penalties on TikTok and seeking an order to halt such deceptive practices. However, the platform rejects these allegations and maintains that it has industry-leading safeguards in place for younger users, including parental controls and screen time restrictions for those under 18. "We're dedicated to tackling industry-wide challenges, and will continue to prioritize the safety of our community," TikTok announced.

TikTok sued by USA
TikTok sued by USA© Canva
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