NewsTikTok star Mia Yilin’s optical illusion reveals your personality traits: Do you see an eye or a mouth?

TikTok star Mia Yilin’s optical illusion reveals your personality traits: Do you see an eye or a mouth?

What did you notice first in this graphic?
What did you notice first in this graphic?
Images source: © TikTok | @mia_yilin

8:23 AM EST, January 13, 2024

Optical illusions are fascinating entertainment tools, capturing the interest of both the young and old. They shed light on the intriguing interplay between our eyes and brain. However, the interpretations these optical illusions offer are not definitive. It's key to remember not to regard them as gospel truth.

Did you spot an eye or a mouth? Discover the interpretation

Mia Yilin is a renowned TikTok personality who specializes in optical illusions. Through her @mia_yilin account, she enlightens netizens about the fascinating world of illusions. Her reach is immense, with over 430 thousand viewers on the Chinese platform already.

In her latest offering, she showcased a picture with two possibilities. She mentioned that the picture could either be a mouth or an eye, and touched on what it signifies for individuals who notice one of these visuals first.

If you spotted a mouth at first glance, it indicates you're an independent individual who enjoys being in control of your decisions - she explained in the video.

You're receptive to criticism but prefer it being gently communicated," she further added. She also highlighted that insincere, surface-level compliments likely won't sway you, especially in a flirtatious scenario.

What if you noticed an eye first? According to Mia, you may be the type of person who often conceals sorrow, leading others to mistake you for being cheerful. "When it comes to relationships, you prioritize your partner and hobbies," she concluded.

Mia's video attracted significant attention on the Chinese platform. It was viewed more than 35 thousand times, with netizens expressing their delight.

Wow, this is incredibly accurate - one user commented.
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