EntertainmentTikTok star faces 65 Years for threatening the White House

TikTok star faces 65 Years for threatening the White House

The TikToker was arrested for bomb threat charges.
The TikToker was arrested for bomb threat charges.
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1:21 PM EDT, May 8, 2024

An American TikToker posing a threat to his local community has been apprehended following his declaration on social media to blow up the White House. Reports indicate that Daniel Larson has been arrested and now potentially faces decades behind bars.

American TikToker Arrested

The internet is a melting pot of personalities. On platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it's easy to stumble upon individuals issuing threats, engaging in toxic behaviors, or displaying erratic behaviors linked to mental health issues. One notable example is Daniel Larson, a 25-year-old from Colorado. Larson, who once aspired to become the President of the United States, is known to suffer from bipolar affective disorder and is on the autism spectrum.

At the close of 2023, Larson set off a fire alarm in an Olive Garden. He attempted to place everyone inside under citizen's arrest due to his fury at the manager's refusal to honor his reservation. He claimed he was meeting singer Grace VanderWaal there, whom he purportedly adores. Larson streamed the entire episode live.

TikToker Faces Arrest

Over his years on the internet, Daniel Larson has had multiple encounters with law enforcement. His most recent allegations are particularly severe, with accusations of making repeated bomb threats over the phone against public buildings throughout 2023. These threats were aimed at the White House, a Colorado county court, the state government building of Colorado, a non-profit's headquarters, the FBI office, and a college campus. Furthermore, Larson is charged with threatening an FBI agent, facing six counts of "Using or Threatening to Use Explosive Material" and one count of "Interstate Communication of Threats."

The court will determine Larson's fate. He could be sentenced to 65 years in prison or fined $250,000 per charge, amounting to $1.5 million if convicted.

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