Tips&TricksTikTok revolutionizes refueling. The pros and cons of the hands-free gas pump hack

TikTok revolutionizes refueling. The pros and cons of the hands-free gas pump hack

Refueling a car can be faster and simpler.
Refueling a car can be faster and simpler.
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4:17 PM EST, December 12, 2023

Can refueling your car become faster and simpler? A trick straight from TikTok demonstrates that it's definitely possible. We discuss various aspects of this method, highlighting the importance of safety at gas stations. Is such a refueling technique pertinent to you? Continue reading to learn more.

What is the traditional way to dispense fuel?

Most drivers commonly stand at the pump, holding the fuel nozzle, waiting for their tank to fill up. However, a popular trick from TikTok provides an alternate way to refuel your car. By placing the fuel cap between the lever and the handle of the nozzle, you can suspend the flow of fuel, facilitating hands-free refueling. This method lets you take care of other chores, such as cleaning windows.

As much as this trick seems ingenious, it can potentially cause annoyance for other drivers waiting at the pump who might mistakenly think that the car isn't getting refueled. In addition, many drivers aren't aware that several fuel nozzles already possess a lock that maintains the lever in the open position, presenting a more common solution.

Apart from this contemporary approach, there are multiple traditional refueling methods based on individual preferences and the type of fuel pump. It's vital to prioritize safety and efficiency during refueling, irrespective of the method chosen.

Dispensing fuel hands-free - a brilliant trick from TikTok

This ingenious refueling method, widely demonstrated by TikTok users, involves placing the fuel cap between the lever and the handle of the nozzle, enabling hands-free refueling. Although convenient, this approach has received both positive and negative feedback from drivers. Some appreciate this trick for the potential of time and energy saving, which allows them to conduct other tasks during refueling, such as window washing or making a store run.

However, this trick has also seen criticism from other drivers who may mistake the car as not being refueled, causing unnecessary miscommunication and frustration. It's also important to note that many fuel nozzles come with a mechanism to automatically uphold the fuel flow, which is a KSA safer practice.

In conclusion, while the TikTok trick might seem clever, it's crucial to always contemplate both safety and etiquette at the gas station prior to choosing to implement it.

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