LifestyleTikTok lingerie model hit with sexist backlash, but won't quit showcasing her style

TikTok lingerie model hit with sexist backlash, but won't quit showcasing her style

The TikToker works in a lingerie salon.
The TikToker works in a lingerie salon.
Images source: © TikTok
4:17 PM EST, January 10, 2024

Sexist comments regarding women's appearance and clothing are regrettably frequent online. Although discussions about freedom, personal expression, rejection of fashion constraints, and inclusivity are growing louder, embarrassing and judgemental comments still frequently appear. A TikToker, known by the pseudonym @sophietavi, who works at Victoria's Secret, has experienced this first hand.

Working as a Lingerie Model at the Store, Here's What Netizens Say About Her

She spends her days working at one of the stores. During her shift, she regularly tries on and displays new collection items to customers. One of the styles she chose to display on her TikTok profile was a black lace corset and a pink silk robe. Furthermore, the store employee paired these with regular black leggings.

The TikToker also shared the comments she received from netizens. Regrettably, many people harshly criticized her outfit.

"I can't believe you're going out like this," one of the users noted.
"I'm sorry, but this is only suitable for the bedroom," another said.

Others expressed disbelief, emphasizing that "they can't imagine wearing underwear outside". Sophia was also told that "she should be ashamed" for wearing products from her store.

Support from Her TikTok Fans: "You Look Great!"

Despite these comments, the TikToker has no intention of quitting her job. She received support from her followers, who hit back at the harsh comments Sophie has been facing. "They're just angry because they can't look as good as you do in this," one of the followers noted.

"Girl, you look great! Especially working at Victoria's Secret, it makes total sense!" another supporter emphasized. "Such a cute outfit! You look amazing in it!" another person added their praise.

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