EntertainmentTikTok influencer Oneya Johnson alias "Angry Reactions" arrested on domestic violence charges

TikTok influencer Oneya Johnson alias "Angry Reactions" arrested on domestic violence charges

The influencer was arrested for domestic violence.
The influencer was arrested for domestic violence.
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9:54 AM EST, February 21, 2024

Another American celebrity encounters the law. This time, it's Oneya Johnson, known as Angry Reactions on TikTok where he gained popularity by reviewing videos shared on the platform with an angry expression. His catchphrase "Gorgeous!" has become his trademark. Currently, this powerful influencer has been arrested for committing a crime, and suddenly, things are not looking so "gorgeous".

Angry Reactions's meteoric rise to fame

The influencer's career took off in 2020. Within that year, his channel skyrocketed in popularity. A single video in which he was rating cake decorating saw Angry Reactions amass a million followers in 24 hours. Soon, Oneya began to be tagged in many fan-made designs that featured his distinctive expression. This ranged from carpets, cakes, drawings, and paintings, to even tattoos. His TikTok profile now boasts a staggering 27.7 million followers. Since he started, Oneya has accumulated over 595.4 million likes. His Instagram account also enjoys a substantial following of 2 million people.

When asked about his impetus for starting the account, Johnson admitted that he simply leveraged how the world perceives him. "If I passed you on the street and didn't say a word, I would look like the most irritated person in the world. But when you really get to know me, I'm a positive person," he revealed in a conversation with Buzzfeed. He also shared that he was homeless and living in Indiana when he first created his TikTok account. His online popularity was instrumental in turning his life around.

In 2023, Johnson had a meet-and-greet with popular YouTuber MrBeast, marking a high point in his career. His channel was known as a place of positivity, where everyone was encouraged to be themselves and receive praise. Oneya was known to support big channels as well as small creators, creating a virtual space brimming with kindness, humor and his signature "gorgeous." Hence, recent reports that he had been arrested shocked his legion of fans, who found the news out of character.

Angry Reactions apprehended on charges of domestic violence

Johnson was arrested on February 12th in a hotel in Burbank, California, around 8:00 PM EST after a woman called the police alleging violence. An argument between the influencer and the woman had apparently escalated to physical aggression. The relationship between the victim and the apprehended remains undisclosed. According to the police, the woman did not require medical assistance. Following his arrest, he was taken into police custody but was later released after posting bail of $50,000. A court hearing in Burbank has been scheduled for March 5th.

If Oneya Johnson is convicted of domestic violence charges, he could face a prison sentence ranging from two to five years. Alternatively, the judge may opt to commute the sentence, resulting in a year in county jail and a fine of up to $10,000. Johnson remains silent on the matter across his social media accounts.

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