LifestyleTikTok influencer offers clever storage tips

TikTok influencer offers clever storage tips

Thanks to a simple trick, the bread will stay fresh longer.
Thanks to a simple trick, the bread will stay fresh longer.
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1:37 PM EST, February 11, 2024

This is particularly alarming considering the existing poverty levels. A major cause of this wastage is incorrect food storage, resulting in quicker spoilage. However, with proper storage techniques, food can stay fresh for longer periods.

A brilliant tip for keeping your bread fresh

Katya Meckle, a popular TikToker known for her healthful eating advice, revealed a clever hack in one of her videos that could keep bread fresh for up to three weeks. No need for the freezer or the defrosting hassle. Instead, place a piece of celery in the bread bag and keep your bread soft and mold-free.

Storing fruits, vegetables, and meat - how should it be done?

Meckle also provided insights into storing bananas, suggesting that wrapping the top in aluminum foil can significantly prolong their freshness. She keeps carrots and green vegetables fresh and crunchy by storing them in clean containers filled with cold water. After use, these containers should be wiped down with apple cider vinegar to ensure they remain bacteria-free.

Generally, meat should be stored in the specialized drawer found in most refrigerators. This drawer, having a lower humidity and temperature level, is perfect to preserve meat without it spoiling. Cold cuts can either be kept in this drawer or the lowest shelf of the refrigerator. However, dairy products should be placed on the top shelf where it's warmest. Fruits and vegetables can be stored outside the refrigerator, with the exception of berries that tend to lose their firmness quickly; they should be kept on the refrigerator's middle shelf, away from both meat and dairy products.

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