LifestyleTikTok hack helps travelers pack more clothes in carry-on

TikTok hack helps travelers pack more clothes in carry-on

The traveler hid things in the pillowcase.
The traveler hid things in the pillowcase.
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2:27 PM EDT, July 1, 2024

Not enough space in your suitcase, and you can only bring a carry-on bag on the plane? Many tourists are familiar with these problems. Here's a TikTok trick to transport more clothes. Do you have the courage to try it out?

We all know the feeling when we want to take more clothes on vacation, but the airline's weight and size restrictions limit us significantly. However, some people are very creative in finding ways to get around these restrictions. The trick below has become a real hit.

This trick is a hit

One TikTok user had a brilliant idea for transporting additional clothes. She packed them into a pillowcase and brought them on board.

The video posted on the @itisivanovaa profile shows the woman going through the security check. She placed the pillow full of clothes on the belt and brought it onto the plane without any issues. The soft "extra baggage" served as comfortable support during the flight.

Upon arriving at the hotel, the TikToker poured out all the clothes onto the bed that she normally wouldn't have been able to bring on board. The video garnered huge interest and thousands of positive comments.

Internet users fascinated by the TikTok trick

The video received many comments. "I didn't expect that!" and "Does anyone know if this will work on Wizz Air?" viewers asked. "Yes. I checked it last week. Just be careful not to overdo the size of the pillow," read a comment under the video.

Interestingly, travelers believe they can outsmart airport security and airline staff. However, the pillow filled with clothes goes through a scanner that registers the contents. "They see everything, they just don't mind," summed up one of the users. While transporting clothes this way might work, bringing cosmetics on board this way is impossible.

What do you think about this method? Have you ever tried it?

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