NewsTiger attack causes uproar in Indonesia

Tiger attack causes uproar in Indonesia

Deadly tiger attack in Indonesia. Huge outrage in the country.
Deadly tiger attack in Indonesia. Huge outrage in the country.
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10:41 AM EST, November 24, 2023

A tragic incident in Indonesia involving a 27-year-old individual named Suprianda, who was killed while feeding a tiger owned by his boss, has sparked nationwide outrage. The harrowing event led to the arrest of the owner Andre Sugianto, who is now facing charges under the endangered species protection act and for irresponsible manslaughter.

In the bustling city of Samarinda, in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, this shocking incident has cast a spotlight on the country's illegal exotic animal trade. It was here where Suprianda, tragically lost his life while feeding a tiger owned by his employer.

"Suprianda went to feed the tiger around 10:30 PM ET. When he didn't return by the afternoon, I went to check and found him lying in the tiger's cage, completely covered in blood," shared the devastated wife of the victim when talking to the "South China Morning Post".

Suprianda had been working for three years as an animal caretaker for Andre Sugianto, a prominent figure in the timber industry and the owner of a gymnasium.

During the investigation that followed the incident, Indonesian authorities discovered that Sugianto's collection of exotic animals also included a Bornean clouded leopard, considered a highly dangerous species.

What repercussions await the tiger owner?

The brutal incident triggered the arrest of Sugianto. He is currently facing charges under the Endangered Species Protection Act and for death caused due to negligence.

If Sugianto is convicted, he could face a prison term of up to five years. "This case has shed light on the dark underbelly of the illegal exotic animal trade in Indonesia".

Following their rescue from Sugianto's residence, the tiger and leopard are being assessed for potential reintroduction into their natural habitat. DNA tests are being conducted to confirm their species, which plays a pivotal role in the legal case against Sugianto. The future of these animals teeters in uncertainty.

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