NewsThree young girls found dead, father confesses to murder in France

Three young girls found dead, father confesses to murder in France

Triumphal Arch in Paris. Illustrative photo.
Triumphal Arch in Paris. Illustrative photo.
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10:51 AM EST, November 27, 2023

A 41-year-old man surrendered himself to the French police on Sunday, confessing to the murder of his three daughters, aged four, 10, and 11, in his home in Alfortville, a suburb of Paris, as reported by the AFP agency.

Presenting himself at the police station in Dieppe, Normandy, on Sunday afternoon, he admitted to killing his children. The authorities subsequently visited his home in Alfortville, where they discovered the bodies of the three girls.

The Unfathomable Case of a Father Killing His Daughters in France

The preliminary investigation conducted by the prosecution reveals that two of the children were fatally stabbed. The body of the third child was found lifeless on the couch.

The father, now known to the French authorities, had a history of multiple domestic violence convictions.

The man was taken into custody, and as stated by the AFP, the girls were previously in alternate care. Efforts are currently underway to determine the location of the children's mother.

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