NewsThree women found dead in Vienna pub, suspect apprehended near crime scene

Three women found dead in Vienna pub, suspect apprehended near crime scene

Vienna. Triple murder in a brothel.
Vienna. Triple murder in a brothel.
Images source: © PAP | CHRISTIAN BRUNA

3:08 AM EST, February 24, 2024

Police spokesperson, Philipp Hasslinger, disclosed that a male suspect believed to have perpetrated the crime was taken into custody near the scene of the crime.

"Knife injuries observed on the suspect's body"

According to Hasslinger, the suspect attempted to hide in nearby bushes with a knife in his hand.

The arrested individual, a 27-year-old man, was found by the police due to a blood trail. The suspect had visible knife wounds and was transported to the hospital. However, Hasslinger confirmed that the man's injuries are not life-threatening.

Passersby noticed blood on the sidewalk

The police were notified about the incident around 3:00 PM ET. The discovery of blood on the sidewalk alerted passersby to the crime. Preliminary findings suggest only the victims were present in the public house at the time of the murderous incident.

Currently, the motive behind the murder of the three women remains inconclusive. "The investigation continues, we have no further information as of now," reported Vienna police spokesperson Philipp Hasslinger.

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