NewsThreats emerge on Russian TV: "This is just the beginning"

Threats emerge on Russian TV: "This is just the beginning"

Commander of the "Achmat" battalion, Gen. Apti Alaudinow
Commander of the "Achmat" battalion, Gen. Apti Alaudinow
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1:31 PM EST, December 9, 2023

The commander of the "Akhmat" battalion, Gen. Apti Alaudinov, has declared that the ruthless Russian invasion of Ukraine is "just the beginning." An associate closely linked with the Chechen leader stated that "Russia will persist in fighting until it finds itself at the peak of the world."

Many of the claims made by the Russian state media or Kremlin officials are potentially inaccurate. Such reports could be components of the information war waged by the Russian Federation.

Gen. Apti Alaudinov was a guest on the program of a Kremlin propagandist from Channel 1. Journalist Julia Davis shared a snippet of their conversation on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter - ed. note). Vladimir Solovyov asked, "Describe this war we are involved in? How do you view it? How has it evolved over two years?"

"Frankly, for Russia, this is nothing else but a holy war. It's sacred because our intention wasn't to usurp a piece of land, mountain, or mine from Ukraine. What they possess or lack is irrelevant," responded the commander of the "Akhmat" battalion.

"The crux of the matter lies in what is behind this. We are safeguarding our national interests about spirituality, morality, divine and universal human values," continued Alaudinov.

A close associate of Ramzan Kadyrov asserted that "only Vladimir Putin can confront nations who maintain the belief that nothing can obstruct their path."

"Trust me when I say that what we witness today is merely the start. This special military operation (as the war in Ukraine is dubbed in Russia - ed. note) will culminate, but do not assume that they will allow us to live in peace thereafter," he declared.

"We have an extremely long journey till victory ahead of us. We will continue fighting until we find ourselves at the zenith of the world. We are already there, but we need to substantiate it," he proclaimed.

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