NewsThousands evacuated as deadline for Russian forces passes in border crisis

Thousands evacuated as deadline for Russian forces passes in border crisis

Thousands of Russians have fled. Fighting continues at the border.
Thousands of Russians have fled. Fighting continues at the border.
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10:44 AM EDT, March 15, 2024

At 4:00 AM EST, the deadline set by partisans for Russian forces to withdraw from the border regions expired. Over 7,600 vehicles have been used by the residents of Belgorod and Kursk to evacuate, as stated by the "Freedom of Russia" Legion. Belgorod experienced shelling in the morning, and skirmishes with the partisans persisted along the border.

The "Freedom of Russia" Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps reported that since the establishment of the humanitarian corridor aimed at evacuating civilians from the Belgorod and Kursk areas, over 7,000 civilian vehicles from Belgorod and its vicinity have passed through it.

According to a report by the partisans on Telegram, "more than 600 civilian vehicles have also left Kursk during the same period."

"Following the closure of the humanitarian corridor, the targeting of military infrastructures in the Belgorod and Kursk regions will persist until the full liberation of these regions from the forces of the Kremlin's regime," announced the RDC.

After 4:00 AM EST, Belgorod was targeted by shelling that damaged multiple buildings and a car, resulting in two injuries.

In another statement, the partisans expressed their aspirations for a free Russia. "Celebrating the first day of elections! We vote for a free Russia. We also urge all residents of the Belgorod and Kursk regions who did not use the humanitarian corridor to stay in shelters," they stated.

Before noon, Russian aircraft bombed the border area entered by partisans from the Russian Volunteer Corps, the "Freedom of Russia" Legion, and the Siberian Battalion.

A video surfaced online showing FAB-500 air bombs being dropped on the village of Kozinka in the Belgorod region. The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that partisan groups had entered the village and that Russian forces had "inflicted a fiery defeat on the enemy with artillery and air bombs." Russian volunteers have been launching raids in the two regions for four days. This morning, Belgorod was shelled, injuring two people. RBK-Ukraine reports intense ongoing conflicts.

The day prior, volunteers from the Freedom of Russia Legion, Russian Volunteer Corps, and Siberian Battalion urged the authorities of the two Russian regions to evacuate residents due to the continuing operation aimed at freeing these regions from Vladimir Putin's control.

On March 12, units from the Freedom of Russia Legion, Russian Volunteer Corps, and the Siberian Battalion crossed into the Belgorod and Kursk regions of Russia. The Freedom of Russia Legion then declared that the village of Tiotkino in the Kursk region was wholly under the control of Russian volunteers, with regular Russian army units swiftly retreating from the scene.

Despite this, the Moscow defence ministry asserted that the attack was repelled. Nonetheless, the authorities in the Belgorod region acknowledged that one territorial defence soldier was killed and ten civilians were wounded during the engagements.

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