TechThis new Ukrainian equipment outmatches Russian drones

This new Ukrainian equipment outmatches Russian drones

System Piranha AVD 360.
System Piranha AVD 360.
Images source: © Defense Express
6:10 PM EDT, November 3, 2023

The Piranha AVD 360 is a modern electronic warfare system recently announced in Ukraine by Mykhailo Fedorov, their Minister of Digital Transformation, on Platform X. This highly efficient tool interrupts the operation of incoming drones, ensuring the safe passage of Ukrainian vehicles across the frontline.

Fedorov described the Piranha AVD 360 system as a "unique electronic warfare tool", introduced in response to the frequent drone-assisted attacks from the Russian Federation's army.

Although a recent decrease in kamikaze drone attacks in Ukraine has been observed, there's the possibility of enemy forces accumulating equipment and strategizing for a large-scale attack. To protect against further airstrikes, the Ukrainian military has developed tools like the Piranha AVD 360 scrambler.

Ukrainian system that creates a protective dome

The function of the latest Ukrainian electronic warfare system was illustrated in a brief video shared by Fedorov on Platform X. The footage demonstrates a drone advancing towards a moving target. As the drone nears its intended point of attack, communication breaks down – the aircraft loses contact with its controller and descends.

This is precisely how the Piranha AVD 360 operates. Combat trials have confirmed its readiness for deployment and mass production. The jamming system works by radiating an invisible "protective dome" spanning up to 656 yards from its source.

Once the system gets triggered, any hostile object within the jammed dome ceases movement in the air and either performs an emergency landing or, due to inertia, halts its flight and falls. During this period, the drone can't be manipulated or redirected to alter its path or return to base.

The manufacturer emphasizes that a jammer with a power of over 200 W can create a protective field that spans 360 degrees. Hence, vehicles equipped with the Piranha AVD 360 are protected from attacks from all directions. Worth noting is that despite the installation of this technology calling for modifications to Ukrainian vehicles, the only elements revealing the presence of the system are modest antennas.

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