NewsThis is the goal of the new NASA mission. Start scheduled on October 5

This is the goal of the new NASA mission. Start scheduled on October 5

Psyche Asteroid
Psyche Asteroid
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12:01 PM EDT, October 4, 2023, updated: 8:59 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

NASA is preparing for the launch of a spacecraft whose mission will be to thoroughly examine the cosmic, metallic asteroid Psyche. Scientists are taking the last measurements, which will provide the basis for future studies on the surface of this celestial body.

NASA will begin another space mission on October 5. The American agency has planned to launch a spacecraft, its aim being the mysterious, metallic asteroid Psyche.

Scientists are currently in the final preparations before the start of the mission. The observation of the asteroid is being conducted using the James Webb Space Telescope, as well as through infrared radiation.

Water over 2.174 billion miles away?

The use of such tools is intended to provide answers to several crucial questions. Primarily, scientists are trying to figure out whether there is water on Psyche's metallic surface. A clear answer to this issue may allow further observations, including potentially finding forms of life that exist on the asteroid.

Psyche is one of the most fascinating objects in space. The asteroid, which studies suggest is primarily composed of metal, has a diameter of about 140 miles. It orbits between Mars and Jupiter in the main asteroid belt, and scientists believe it is remnants of a destroyed planet. Astronomers are also interested in Psyche due to the fact that research suggests that Earth has a core of a very similar structure.

However, it will take quite some time for the space mission to reach the surface of Psyche. The spacecraft has to cover over 2.174 billion miles, and according to estimates by NASA specialists, the mission will reach its destination in August 2029.

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