EntertainmentThis is how Ronaldo relaxes. Pay attention to his drink

This is how Ronaldo relaxes. Pay attention to his drink

In the photo is Cristiano Ronaldo.
In the photo is Cristiano Ronaldo.
Images source: © Licensor | Instagram Cristiano Ronaldo

10:39 AM EDT, October 26, 2023

This season, Cristiano Ronaldo is delighting Arab fans. The goals he's scored for Al Nassr have often determined the victory of his team. The Portuguese superstar also takes care of proper regeneration after the game, and he presented his way to relax on Wednesday on Instastories.

On Tuesday, Cristiano Ronaldo played another great match. The Portuguese was undoubtedly the hero of the 4:3 game won against  Al-Duhail SC as part of the Asian Champions League. The 38-year-old forward scored 2 goals and added an assist, leading Al Nassr to another victory this season.

There's no doubt that after such an outstanding performance, one of the best footballers in history deserved some relaxation. On Wednesday, a picture of Ronaldo's regeneration process appeared on Instastories. The Portuguese, dressed in swimming trunks, is lounging on a deck chair, and a cap and sunglasses add to the holiday atmosphere.

It's also worth noting what drink Ronaldo has chosen. The 38-year-old star is holding a hollowed-out coconut shell in his hand, from which he is sipping through a straw. If it weren't for the fact that we are in the middle of the league season, one could assume that the Portuguese are on a luxury vacation.

CR7, during his downtime, also flaunts his impeccable physique to which his fans have grown accustomed. As always, one can clearly discern his well-defined abs. Ronaldo captioned the photo he shared with emojis of a coconut, a battery, and a family. The message is clear - the Portuguese is recharging by drinking coconut water, while also spending time with his loved ones.

Cristiano Ronaldo during relaxation.
Cristiano Ronaldo during relaxation.© Licensor | Instagram Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo arrived at Al Nassr earlier this year, instantly becoming the biggest star of the entire Arab league. From the very beginning of his stay in Asia, the Portuguese proved that he still presents an excellent level of sport. In the current season, he has played in a total of 13 matches for his club, in which he has scored as many as 14 goals.

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