EntertainmentThey treated her with alcohol on air. Her expression says it all

They treated her with alcohol on air. Her expression says it all

Alex Scott's reaction to a drink straight from Burnley.
Alex Scott's reaction to a drink straight from Burnley.
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5:47 AM EDT, October 8, 2023

The work of a television presenter carries many challenges and forces one to handle unusual situations. On Saturday afternoon, British journalist Alex Scott could tell more about this after being served a special drink during while on air. Her reaction to the beverage speaks for itself.

A rather unusual situation took place during the Saturday program "Football Focus" broadcasted by the British station BBC. That day, host Alex Scott visited Burnley, where a match was played between the local team and Chelsea.

When Scott walked onto the stadium field where the outdoor studio was set up, a small surprise awaited her. The host was greeted by invited guests Dion Dublin and the former goalkeeper of the English national team from Burnley, Rachel Brown-Finnis. The latter decided to introduce the other two to the local tradition.

And fulfilling local custom involved having a stronger drink. Rachel Brown-Finnis held glasses of alcohol in her hands.

I have a small greeting for you. The tradition here in Burnley is that during the match break, all fans drink "Bene and Hot," informed the remaining two, Rachel Brown-Finnis,

In this situation, Scott and Dublin could only accept the treat. All three clinked plastic glasses and after a moment began to consume. "Don't sniff that" - Brown-Finnis​ warned Scott.

As seen in the video above, the popular British presenter did not take a liking to alcohol. Alex Scott visibly winced after the first sip. Once the ritual was completed, Brown-Finnis Scott assured the other two that the drink they had taken has medicinal properties.

Thanks to it, our cheeks are rosy and we always walk with a spring in our step - Brown-Finnis explained with a smile,

Well, but what exactly did the three presenters drink? "Benny and Hot" is a 12% cocktail consisting of two main ingredients - French Benedictine liqueur characterized by its intense herbal flavor, and hot water, which dilutes the alcohol. This drink has been consumed by the residents of Burnley for about 100 years, and it gained its popularity during World War I. "Benny and Hot" has also become an integral part of Premier League meetings held at the local Turf Moor venue.

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