NewsThey ran over their own people. Russians reckless maneuver

They ran over their own people. Russians reckless maneuver

The Russian vehicle BMP-2 ran over its own soldiers on the battlefield.
The Russian vehicle BMP-2 ran over its own soldiers on the battlefield.
Images source: © Telegram

11:24 AM EDT, October 27, 2023

The world's second-largest military force, Russia, continues to give military analysts and commentators reasons for astonishment. An incident occurred near Kharkiv, where a BMP-2 driver performed a reckless maneuver, inadvertently crushing his own troops who were sheltering behind the armored vehicle. This act ensured that several soldiers would never return to the battlefield.

The actions of the Russians on the front line and their treatment of their own soldiers are beyond disbelief. It's been well-known for over a year, that the commanding officers show little regard for the lives of their soldiers, essentially leading hundreds to meet their untimely end.

During their advance in the Kharkiv region, the Russians were left stranded in an open field. Infantrymen, seeking cover from enemy fire behind a BMP-2, were tragically crushed when the vehicle took an abrupt turn and carried on with its course. The driver accomplished this disastrous action, causing injury to the soldiers adjacent to his vehicle, a scene captured by a Ukrainian drone operator.

Commentators have pointed out the unsafe practices some Russian soldiers display on the front line. The infantrymen took cover unsafely close to the armored vehicle, ignoring standard safety procedures in combat situations.

The driver of the vehicle, on the other hand, should have been cognizant of the risks associated with such a rash maneuver, given his fellow servicemen were in close proximity. Although the BMP-2 lacks mirrors, the crew members could have alerted him to evade calamity. Unfortunately, this precaution was not taken, resulting in the hefty machine mowing down the oblivious soldiers who were too near.

Russia continues to seek volunteers for the Ukraine conflict

By 2024, Russia aims to establish new military formations: 19 brigades, 49 regiments, and one flotilla, all under a comprehensive military reform plan. The question remains, however, who will fill these roles when there's already an existing shortage of soldiers on the front lines? The Russians can't afford to weaken their border defenses or redeploy soldiers from strategic bases within the country, though it seems they're already taking such actions.

The Russian government keeps offering soldiers social benefits hoping to inspire participation in the war against Ukraine, continuously increasing incentives with hopes to forestall another mandatory mobilization needed come springtime. An eventuality of such magnitude that it would prove disastrous for Vladimir Putin, especially with the presidential elections looming in March 2024.

So far, 297,120 soldiers from Vladimir Putin's army have perished on the battlefield. Shockingly, some of these losses have resulted from their compatriots' blunders, as made evident in the aforementioned video. The human cost seems irrelevant to the Kremlin as the army continues its pursuit of victory at all costs.

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