LifestyleThey didn't let the 82-year-old woman on board. All because of a staff mistake

They didn't let the 82‑year-old woman on board. All because of a staff mistake

The 82-year-old woman missed her flight and vacation due to a mistake made by staff.
The 82-year-old woman missed her flight and vacation due to a mistake made by staff.
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10:27 AM EDT, September 29, 2023, updated: 7:13 AM EDT, October 25, 2023

A citizen of the United Kingdom did not go on vacation due to the incompetence of Southampton airport staff. The check-in staff believed that the 82-year-old's passport was invalid and did not let her board the plane.

Swissport staff working for British Airways at Southampton Airport in the UK were at the center of this incident. As reported by the Independent portal, the employees were not familiar with the new regulations that came into effect after the UK left the European Union, or they misinterpreted them.

The airport staff did not know the applicable regulations

According to the new rules, since Brexit, British passports must be no older than 10 years on the day of departure to a given European Union country, and the return day must fall at least three months before the document's expiration date. 

The woman's passport met the requirements, but she was still detained during the check. The workers simply made a mistake. According to the analysis by the Independent portal, her document allowed entry into the EU up until November 6 of the current year - her stay would have to end by January 7, inclusive.

The staff denied a 82-year-old woman boarding, even though her passport was up to date. As the victim's daughter informed, the employees didn't know the applicable law and relied on information they read on the internet.

- Everything seemed very random, one of the employees was checking the rules in Google and showing them to us - she said. - Another lady stated that she would get in touch with the staff of the British border services, but she admitted after returning that she hadn't spoken to anyone - she added. 

The victim will be seeking reimbursement for the cost of the missed trip

The 82-year-old woman ultimately had to pay over 500 pounds for a "premium passport". Despite this, she and her daughter missed their scheduled flight, and the next one was not until a week later. Therefore, they did not use the vacation for which they paid 2000 pounds.

The Southampton Airport spokesperson announced that the woman can apply for compensation in the amount of 220 pounds for unlawful refusal to allow her on board. Furthermore, the 82-year-old will also fight for recovery of lost vacation costs.

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