NewsDid they hit the heart of Hamas? Israel Air Forces attacked in the morning

Did they hit the heart of Hamas? Israel Air Forces attacked in the morning

"Israel's Attack. Did they strike the "heart of Hamas"?"
"Israel's Attack. Did they strike the "heart of Hamas"?"
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4:19 AM EDT, October 22, 2023, updated: 3:12 AM EDT, October 23, 2023

Israel conducted a raid near the al-Ansar mosque on the West Bank of the Jordan, in a camp area which, according to the military, was used by fighters to organize attacks.

On Sunday morning, Israeli air forces carried out an attack on the Jenin refugee camp for Palestinians, located on the occupied West Bank of the Jordan.

As reported by Palestinian medical services, at least two Palestinians were killed and several others were injured in this attack. There could be more casualties. The Israeli side confirmed the execution of this operation.

Recordings are appearing online moments after the attack.

The Palestinian organization Red Crescent reports that the attack took place near the al-Ansar mosque, located within the camp, which is considered a "fortress" of Palestinian fighters.

The camp residents said they had received warnings from the Israeli military to stay away from fighters due to an upcoming incursion into the camp - we read on the Sky News website.

Another attack by Israel

Reuters agency notes that this was at least the second attack carried out by Israel in the West Bank in recent days. Palestinian sources report that at least 84 Palestinians have been killed so far in clashes with Israeli armed forces.

On Thursday, Israel carried out another attack, this time on the Tulkarm refugee camp, located in the central part of the West Bank. Palestinians claim that at least 12 people were killed as a result of this attack.

The escalation of violence in the West Bank occurred after an attack carried out by the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip on Israel on the 7th of the previous month. After this incident, Israeli air forces carried out a series of attacks on Gaza.

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